About The Museum


Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj Nashik is an Educational Institute established in 1914 and pursued to inculcate ‘education’ in its true sense. During pre-independence period the institute had taken initiatives of educational awareness to awake the society mired in paranoia, infidelity, casteism and ignorance. The Building of Udaji Maratha Boarding is the Heritage Legacy of Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj Nashik, which was built with the participation of the people and testifies the initiatives taken 109 years ago by common populace. Today MVP is creating the landscape of education from Primary to upper crest streams. The institute has contributed tremendously in the field of education.  This museum enlightens the heritage and elucidates the journey of institute, selfless service rendering approach of the founders and put forth the idea that collective initiatives by the people for the people can make a big difference in society. Through the museum we want to inculcate the perception of education as the means of social enrichment. This is the only museum devoted to the education theme and gives the overview about how education get involve over the time. It tells the journey of education from early stage to current stage.

Visiting the museum:

The museum acquaints, how human curiosity has changed the way we look at education over time.

It has four sections:

World Education: This section tells us how human curiosity evolves human life along with different sphere of education.

Indian Education: The sections acquaint us with the education culture and heritage of India and various transitions till today.

Maharashtra Education: The section specifically shows the journey of education in Maharashtra.

MVP Section: The fourth section is about the journey of MVP. being a educational institute founded in pre-independence era has its own history and it is symbol of a social initiative, the section testifies the positive changes through collective efforts. Also give us the glimpse of the 108 years journey of the Institute.

Vision :

  • Create a vibrant social and cultural platform known as a resource for scholars, historians and educators as well as providing educational and cultural programs for the People.

Mission :

  • To study conserve and promote educational heritage and to develop the perspective towards education as a means of enriching people’s understandings for broad social benefits to individual and society.

Objectives :

  • To enlighten the education culture and traditions around the world.
  • To preserve, conserve and study the development sources of education.
  • To promote the initiatives which enhance the perception of academic purpose.
  • To promote heritage conservation as well as basic research and teaching of Archeology and Museology.
  • To provide a platform for educational innovation, creativity and ingenuity.
  • To promote cultural and traditional arts and crafts.
  • To preserve artifacts of historical value and cultural significance.