Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision :

  • Create a vibrant social and cultural platform known as a resource for scholars, historians and educators as well as providing educational and cultural programs for the People.

Mission :

  • To study conserve and promote educational heritage and to develop the perspective towards education as a means of enriching people‚Äôs understandings for broad social benefits to individual and society.

Objectives :

  • To enlighten the education culture and traditions around the world.
  • To preserve, conserve and study the development sources of education.
  • To promote the initiatives which enhance the perception of academic purpose.
  • To promote heritage conservation as well as basic research and teaching of Archeology and Museology.
  • To provide a platform for educational innovation, creativity and ingenuity.
  • To promote cultural and traditional arts and crafts.
  • To preserve artifacts of historical value and cultural significance.