About Museum

Udaji Maratha Boarding is the Heritage legacy of the Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj Nashik, the institute which pursued to inculcate ‘education’ in its truest sense. In 1914 during pre-independence period the institute has taken initiatives of educational awareness for awakening the society mired in paranoia, infidelity, casteism and ignorance. The boarding testifies the initiatives taken 107 years ago. Today the institute is a platform of education from pre-primary to post-graduate a long with various professional courses. The institute has contributed tremendously in the field of education and also maintained the cultural of the collective initiatives by the people for the people. The journey of the institute, selfless service rendering approach of founder is inspiring, motivating and enhance the perspective of social responsibility. The museum enlightens such heritage and inculcates the perception that education is the means of social enrichment.